Hardware accelerated web browser - Chromium

I was trying out @balbes150’s Armbian builds and noticed that in the Debian Jessie with kernel 3.14.29 and XFCE desktop (20170907), Chromium shows in “chrome://gpu” that hardware acceleration is available for most items in the table.
However, in the Ubuntu Xenial, same kernel, Mate desktop, “chrome://gpu” shows software acceleration is used.
These images are very similar; I was wondering why the Ubuntu one doesn’t have hardware acceleration in Chromium. Does anyone know how to enable it? Do I need to install OpenGL drivers manually?

I am looking for the best combination of kernel, operating system and software to get hardware acceleration in a web browser (for things like compositing and canvas especially).

I understand that OpenGL drivers are only available for the legacy kernel (3.14.29), so I guess that will have to be the kernel.
Chromium seems a good choice the browser.
Does anyone have any tips or recommendations?