Hardware accelerated video playback is stuttering

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Current official version installed with oowooo over ethernet on EMMC

Please describe your issue below:

Video playback from local video file on EMMC is stuttering in Chromium and MPV Player.

My goal: I want to play a video for a project in a current web browser in full HD (1920x1080), preferably in 60 Hz. The file format doesn’t matter. The video does not have to be streamed over the network but can be stored locally. The operating system or browser doesn’t matter as long as I’m able to control the HTML content. Currently, however, I am dependent on a VIM1s, as it must be available at low cost.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to operate a web browser with CoreElec. So my approach was Ubuntu as I thought it had the best software support. When I play the videos in Chromium, they stutter a lot, even though I’ve activated the needed flags for hardware acceleration for video playback in the browser. I thought the VIM1s would be able to hardware decode AV1 and H.264 codecs.

I tried different formats, codecs and resolutions. Bit rate (1-20 Mbit/s) and codec (AV1 + H264) have almost no impact on playback. Only when I reduce the display resolution and that of the video to 720p (1280 x 720) almost no frames are skipped.

For comparison, I played the video in the pre-installed MPV player. It wasn’t any better there either. But I am dependent on the browser solution as I need to overlay additional content over the video.

Would I have to install some extra drivers? I’m open to any solution. Thanks in advance.

There is no hardware decoding support on browser and MPV Player.

Here is an example of video hardware decoding with gstreamer and display on Weston.

This is annoying. This Ubuntu version is officially supported by this board. So how can something so essential not work?


…showed me that it would use GPU (since I’ve activated the necessary flags). So I thought it will do.

Which browser (no matter which OS) is supporting hardware accelerated video playback on VIM1s? I absolutely need that, otherwise I have to switch to a completely different platform :frowning:

Switched to another singleboard computer for my project. Topic may be closed