H264 hardware encoding error

@numbqq @Frank
This is my execution procedure

./ionplayer t1.h264 1920 1080 60 2

When I perform two video decoding at the same time, I get this error.
raises an error:

file t1.h264 to be played
ionvideo_init begin  
ionvideo_init begin  1111 
ionvideo_init  -1717552528 222 
ionvideo_init   333 
ionvideo_init  -25 444 
Init [/dev/amstream_vbuf] failed,ret = -1 error=16 retry_open!
retry_open [/dev/amstream_vbuf] failed,ret = -1 error=16 used_times=1000*10(ms)
Error=1 errno=16 : Device or resource busy,func=codec_video_es_init,line=336
codec init failed, ret=-0xfefffff4

Can you tell me how to decode multiple videos at the same time? Or how I can solve this error.

Only support one instance hardware decoding.