H.265 decoding in VIM4

Hey @xiong.zhang @numbqq @goenjoy @ivan.li,
I have RTSP data of h265 data for Khadas vim3 and vim4 supporting H265 decoding.
Please let me know how can I call API/library which can help in decoding H265 data from the RTSP stream.

Also, please let me know on how to access the h265 library in the application layer where encoded h265 file can be given as input.

@xiong.zhang, @numbqq , @goenjoy , @ivan.li
We have VIM4 Board. We have some query can you please let me know how it’s working.

  1. We are running Android source code android 11.
  2. VIM4 Board is supporting H-265 decoding.
  3. I have simple file which is contains H-265 encoded data.
  4. How can I use your H-265 lib to perform decoding.
  5. How we can play H-265 file.
  6. Using your source code(Soc) how to perform decoding.