Graphic Card Settings

I’m using Khadas Edge2.
How can I reach the settings of the graphic card?
I’m trying to run an OpenGL application that runs perfectly on linux on a PC but it has tearing on the Edge2.
My thought is that there is something in the graphics settings that forces VSync.
But other Graphic settings are also of interest for me.
Please your kind help.

@khadasnimi The Edge 2 doesn’t have any specific applications for gpu settings.

Things like clock speed and voltage scaling values are hard coded into the Linux device tree binary, and be modified by recompiling, but it is advisable not to do so.

I believe you can set the device clock speed to the maximum via some specific sys/class/devices interface, but that is about it.

What application are you trying to run ?

Try monkablyat his Armbian image. It has the open-source panfork GPU driver.

I also have a youtube channel where I show how to make use of everything. NicoD’s SBCs.