GPS Antenna for Quectel EM-06

Hi all,

I want to use GPS on EM-06 modem. Does anyone has a recommendation for a FPC antenna that work well with EM-06 modem ?

Thank you very much

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hi, your modem is not with vim?

I used it with VIM 3 and the M2.X extension board.

hello, then did you not receive antenna for the LTE modem ?

There is LTE antenna but not GPS antenna

I believe you will need to purchase one separately…

antennas for vim 3 should be enough, they usually come with vim

Yeah I would like to know if there is any GPS antenna that is recommended by Khadas. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Thanks @Vladimir.v.v for your reply. The LTE antenna works well. I’m in search of a GPS antenna in fact.

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I understand that this is the same antenna, you need to look at the frequency range.
look in the Khadas docs

@ptphucbk you would better check quectel website for that kind of data, Any kind of GPS Antenna will work here, just make sure to get the correct impedance or Noise etc.

I can recommend one that looks like this,

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Thank you for your recommendation. This one has uFL connector instead of IPEX MHF4 on EM-06.

I don’t know much about antenna. The main criterias to select a GPS antenna are frequency range and impedance ?

Thank you very much

there is a gain of 8dbi, gps + LTE,700-2700Mhz

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They both are the same connector just different names…

Did you read this from the datasheet, is it listed there ?

I’m talking about how it works, and how it happens, but you need to check

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that is essentially a 2 in 1 antenna

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Oh wow! , that I did not know :flushed:

@ptphucbk Hello. EM-06 not supports GPS.

Hi @Frank,

Normally the EM-06 shows on system with 4 ttyUSB ports from 1 to 4. And with AT commands sent on ttyUSB2 or 3 I can config GPS and get GPS data on ttyUSB2.

What do you mean by EM-06 not supports GPS ? Do you mean that there is no GPS on EM-06 (which is strang because there is a connector for GPS antenna) ? Or do you mean that there is no driver in Khadas linux kernel for GPS ?

Thank you very much