HI all, we just received our new VIM1 (Android 9) and need to develop an app reading / writing some GPIO.

We are trying to use the code examples on the related VIM1 GPIO page, while all the examples seems do not work.

We also tested right the GPIO by ADB and the “432” come back as

PIN37 GPIOH5 432

kvim:/ # echo 432 > /sys/class/gpio/export
1|kvim:/ # echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio432/direction
/system/bin/sh: can’t create /sys/class/gpio/gpio432/value: No such file or directory

So may anybody help with a “real” working code example to read/write the GPIO on VIM 1 ?

We would like to have ato least 4 or 6 I/O

Please help…

@Lorenzo.Buonavita VIM1 GPIO page maybe there are some mistakes ,you can try echo 431 > /sys/class/gpio/export
One more thing,if the gpio can not used,maybe causes of pin conflict

Hy jasonl,
many thanks for all but due to our testing we finally discovered that gpio05h is 422 and gpioao_6 is 507 so for all interested they may use succesfully these addresses, while the addesses reported in many examples and in the vim 1 manual are completaly wrong because even the banks are wrong.
For find yours gpio address use this code : Number(GPIOH_5) = bank + pin = 401 - 0 + 21 = 422

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