GPIO-Control Problem

Hello together,
I am using the latest Ubuntu Image and want to control the GPIO’s as Output for 3.3V.
This should work with the Python-Library WiringPi.
The Library itself works correctly, but I am only able to activate the GPIO 37 (PIN.H5) correctly.

The right Process would be:

  • WiringPi set GPIO in Output Mode
  • Look for the GPIO-ID (in my case 421) and set Level to HIGH.
  • The GPIO turns on and I should have constantly 3.3V on it in relation to GND.
  • Set Level to LOW and turn off the GPIO to 0V.

The Rest of GPIO’s are not able to work in this way (some stays on 1.67V and some are constantly on only or on 0V). Can anyone tell me, what I can do to have 2 GPIO’s working in the way I described?