Gotta say this stuff is confusing

Been playing with these Android boxes for about 6 months or so. Started with the cheap ones off ebay, Firestick, then got a T95Q after about 10 or so boxes ive wanted an RK3399 board since i started researching these boxes and watching youtube videos the 3399 had one of the better benchmarks of many of em.

Got one of the Edge units and finally figured out how to upgrade the ROM

After doing alot of reading i finally tried it and i cant believe it IT WORKED!!

The hard part for me i think was figuring out that each chip maker needs its own tool to make the rom to load it

Ive been out of computers and stuff for a while and i forgot about zip files and all the different programs you need to do this stuff.

I feel ive made a huge step in figuring these out some what.


Computers are complicated (and these are full-spec computers) but eventually everything falls into place and starts making sense. :3

I guess so, The first time I was able to load new firmware on to my VIM I was so thrilled I literally went bananas That I was able to do that, because at that time I had literally had zero experience in the Khadas Single board environment, but thanks to our large community and gaining knowledge from fellow members, everything was smooth sailing afterwards


It helps to pick a box that has a large enough fallowing to have the support also.

Like some of the other boxes dont have the same support and fallowing that these seem to have.

So far now ive flashed the Edge-V twice and the second Android TV version i like alot better then the stock setup.

Then today i flashed a CSA96 3399 box i got off the bay a few months back, that one is better then it was

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I agree, till last year I have no idea about arm devices, I knew that there are available and alot can be done on it until one day i thought of buying the cheapest sbc with good reviews on the market place and it was khadas vim1 at that time.

And since then I am all into Linux for arm devices.

It just takes some time to understand the structure and then its fine after that.
Good luck.


To say though, the RK3399 is literally everywhere hell lot of boards, but only a few have a polished design and have proper support like Khadas, Radxa and a few other brands, Though I don’t personally own one, I feel quite jealous of the support it gets compared to any other board :grinning:
probably because of its wide peripherals connections etc. but I don’t know, I wish Amlogic was a bit more communicative with us and gave us drivers and support a bit faster

The reason i thought it was so well supported was because its an older chip that was maybe ahead of its time?

I will say its one of the only chips ive seen on these Android boxes that looks like a real CPU not just a square hunk of silicon.

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Rockchip is one of the few vendors that actually contributes to the mainline Linux Kernel, so development isn’t entirely dependent on reverse engineering like Allwinner and Amlogic, which significantly increases the quality of support.

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Yes that is one of the explanations for why their chip is so popular among many Manufacturers and that they have reputable software support to back them up :slight_smile:

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