Google Fuchsia OS on Khadas VIM2


Hi butter,

Have you tried this u-boot and zircon kernel ?


I’m using the self built image .
I just tried use tftp to load zedboot.zbi to 1080000 and bootm to boot from zedboot , then successfully flash with fx serve zedboot: version: 0.7.11
but meet error like this

[00295.801] 01301.01389> netsvc: Running FVM Paver
[00297.807] 01301.04421> paver:[Initialize] Successfully initialized FixedDevicePartitioner Device Partitioner
[00297.807] 01301.04421> paver:[PartitionPave] Paving partition.
[00301.083] 01301.01389> netsvc: tftp write of file <<image>>sparse.fvm completed
[00302.807] 01301.04421> paver:[PartitionPave] Failure creating partition: ZX_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED

@numbqq tried the uboot you post , also meet the error

at ../drivers/usb/gadget/f_fastboot.c:471/cb_getvar()
cmd is download:004e5f48
Starting download of 5136200 bytes
downloading of 5136200 bytes finished
cmd is flash:boot
_find_partition_by_name()-188: do not find match in table boot
find_virtual_partition_by_name()-1176: can't find boot
ERROR: cannot find partition: 'boot'

at ../common/fb_mmc.c:150/fb_mmc_flash_write()


I tried burn-tools to flash a Android update image then update uboot , the fastboot run OK to flash zedboot but will fail in the u-boot loading zedboot

normal power on
boot wol: enable
Hit Enter or space or Ctrl+C key to stop autoboot -- :  0 
Err imgread(L252):Fmt unsupported!genFmt 0x0 != 0x3
Set Addr 69
Get DT cfg
Get DT cfg
set CFG

I tried with tftp loading zedboot to memory to boot then the paving is OK, but the error log in this post seems that uboot could not read the zedboot bin from fastboot pave


Hi butter,

What’s the version of VIM2? It’s VIM2 Basic (2G) ? It seems that VIM2 Basic is not supported. I have the same issue with you, but VIM2 MAX works.



vim2 max with 3GB ddr, it has successed run fuchsia before,


Yes, VIM2 MAX works well.


I just tried./script/flash-vim2 -m command ,but meet like this.
Flashing sysconfig partition
< waiting for any device >


Hello Freeman811130,

My development environment for Fuchsia is not setup ready since my computer is broken, I’ll setup the environment and feedback here.



Looking forward for your reply, thanks.


It’s OK now.
It needs sudo in the command.


@numbqq do you get any idea how aml-sd-emmc lib is loaded ? I want to look into the emmc initial but could not find a entry for the block device from the boot flow


What’s aml-sd-emmc lib ?