Good To See, VIM3 And The FCC

Happy to see the VIM3 get FCC certification. It is a value add for the VIM3 for US users. I see also Telec certification for users in Japan. Good job Khadas.


I believe FCC was given quite some time ago…
or was that RoHS or UL ?

FCC — это Федеральная Комиссия Связи США. Если телефон, планшетник или другое устройство какого-либо производителя не прошло сертификацию в этой комиссии, то производитель не сможет продавать его на территории США.

well, it seems to me this is not a new government agency

But then how did everyone else in the US get their VIM3’s ?

Not new, they have been around for a long time.

They ordered them. :grin:
Seriously though, as with most regulations, some slack exists. The FCC put out a warning this year regarding devices lacking certification. Penalties can be significant for users and sellers alike, though sellers may risk more. So having the certification has its value.

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Technically I did order my mine from, also there is some slack to foreign product quality standards here, as you said, it is more like, “If it blows up, we can’t do anything for you” situation, but if it is going to be used in an Industrial environment, they the gov’t will be more vigilant…

We’ve had FCC for quite a while. However, we didn’t publicize it. So I’d thought I’d bundle it up with the Telec. :smile:

FCC Link:


you wouldn’t have do U.L certification by any chance, right ?

Nope, not at this time.

All I can say is, I know I’ll sleep better tonight. :laughing:

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and why is that ?

I also thought so, otherwise the respected RDFTKV could not receive packages from Khadas

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Because I will be in compliance and know it. :smiley:

I go all the way back to the first VIM1s, If I recall FCC cert was not available then. Not sure early V2 had it when I got it either. I recall asking about it at that time.

Seems one of the FCC criteria(Part 15) is, (1) “this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.”
That doesn’t seem fair. :laughing:

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Hmm, then does that give the FCC permission to stop the usage of that other device… ? :upside_down_face:
Seems like a One-way street…

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A good question, humorous one too.
I suppose if a device goes out of tolerance, and the tower operators at an airport two towns away pick it up in their headsets, the FCC would probably stop usage of that device. :grin:

It couldn’t be that “Noisy”…
could it ?

I know that the ESP32 microcontroller has FCC and stuff, but that doesn’t apply when I put it in some wacky application, like a… WiFi beacon spammer ! :crazy_face:

Let’s hope not. Though I used to live about 200 meters from a guy that had a radio tower and illegally strong amps. We could hear him on our old CRT TV’s speaker whether the TV was plugged in or not, on or off. He stepped on some frequencies that got him in trouble with the FCC and other multi-lettered agencies. I don’t know what happened to him, no doubt they seized his rig.

No it would not apply to you, only the US, so a WiFi beacon spammer it is. :smile:
Also, I think there is some latitude for experimenters and the like.

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Poor guy, lets hope the CIA puts the equipment to some good use :rofl:

Yeah, the problem is that my house lies just opposite to the National Air base, :sweat_smile:

I wouldn’t really want to bring some Random MiG in the air tumbling down for no reason :grimacing:

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buddy, what do you have against Russian planes?