Going back to Androaid after wiping emmc


In my effort to install other OS that failed I erased the emmc memory and now i want to go back to Android.

Ive downloaded the Vim_Nougat_Root_170612 from http://docs.khadas.com/basics/FirmwareResources/#android
used win32 disk imager to flash it to an SD card and nothing happen when i boot the Vim, also tried power on with reset/function key.

What am i missing here ?

as you found firmware page you should also check docs page

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Thanks, i had a problem with the driver so my PC didn’t recognize the upgrade mode leading me to think that i need a working OS to use the upgrade mode (VIM noob)

anywho reinstalling the burning tool fixed it.


You must reinstall the program USB_Burning_Tool, it install drivers.
run the program, press the power button on vim without release and conect the usb cable Vim to pc.

In 2 or 3 seconds the pc will found the port.

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That is what I did, thank you