Global Shutter camera for Vim3

Hello, is there a possibility to use some other camera than the OS08A10 or IMX415 (from the khadas eshop) with the vim3? I am looking for a camera with global shutter, something like this - Arducam 2.3MP AR0234 Global Shutter Camera for Nvidia Jetson Nano/NX

I understand that it will need some work with drivers/gstreamer, right?
Also, all of the Arducam cameras use either 22 or 15 pin FPC cables/connectors, is there a cable/adapter for connecting to the 30 pin FPC connector of the VIM?

Hello @Daniel_Hert ,

Yes, you will need to modify the device trees to work with the custom sensor and enable the appropriate kernel drivers in linux

Yes for this you will need to design your own conversion board to take the mipi csi lanes and power rails as required by the camera. You can check the schematics available from - Index of /products/vim3/schematic/


Thanks for the quick reply, I will prototype a conversion board and try it out!