I am working on configuring the MIPI display to the khadas edge board.
MIPI display was configured successfully.
issues is display was showing portrait mode and touch is working in landscape mode.
i need change the display as landscape mode.

please provided solution for this issue.

@ramesh hello,
Did you buy the Mipi LCD from our company?

no its from other company,wisecoco mipi display and its touch driver is goodix

Can you tell the OS version you are using ?

after integrating touch top scrolling ,bottom scrolling and middle touch is also working fine but when we click right side icons , left side icons are openning ,when we click left side icons , right icons are openning…need to do anything ?

Please provide environment details, we are unable to provide any support unless we know what OS you are using

video has locked access


refer to this, linked to goodix driver issue:

@ramesh Problem with touch in Firmware V190816 - #17 by goenjoy
Please refer to the link above to add the corresponding *.idc file.

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can you please send the updated goodix driver to me.

where i need to do change in aosp code, to invert the touch screen x-y axis.

Your touch screen is responsive, indicating that your code has a corresponding TP driver.
You have to find it through the corresponding kernel log information.

You can refer to the above link to add corresponding codes to the drive to reverse the X and Y axes.