General video support

hello to all the forum. a few days are a happy buyer of a board khadas vim 16gb.
I modified this post because I realized that it was not clear the issue I wanted to bring to your attention.

I would like to know the current status regarding the video support for various operating systems. I will do some examples to simplify the answer.

with ubuntu I found that does not play an AVI file video player with full HD resolution smoothly …

ubuntu with the firefox browser can not display in full screen smoothly youtube movies.

with Android the google chrome browser can not display in full screen smoothly youtube movies.

I described the problems are due to lack of video support for drivers problems?

thanks to all and congratulations for the board

Hi, Mattia:
Thank you for choosing Khadas VIM!

Do you mean that you want 4K video acceleration on Ubuntu, right? If so, there will be a solution to support 4K vdeo on Ubuntu, we need port Kodi on Ubuntu, just like some JeOS like LibreELEC.

Gouwa thank you for your answer. re-reading the post I realized it was not absolutely clear my request and I have modified it. I think that in this way can be of help to all the people of the forum.

and I apologize if there are other posts of the same kind.

I’m not a programmer but a simple fan of technology, and in the little free time I enjoy myself with these things.

Yes, currently, our Ubuntu build still can not play FHD & 4K videos smoothly, and we are working on Ubuntu with Linux-4.x kernel, will try to solve it on new kernel version.

Regarding Chrome browser on Android, can you tell us the Android version and Chrome version you tested?

My test was done with the pre installed version of Android

is a known problem?

then to conclude our discussion about the overwhelming support video to see movies in Full HD which is the operating system, browser, app running in full-screen video smoothly

thanks for your time and are always very happy with my purchase

native support of video acceleration on linux in general is always a problem. android does not suffer from same illness.

I did have dual boot with linux on my older pc, didn’t have such problems, i mean with video acceleration, maybe you meant with arm mini pc’s?

I hope this issue will be resolved in the next update, and i would like to have Kodi 17 in Ubuntu, it would be great to use all of the potential that this board has.

They did provide many updates so far, nougat was really a pleasant surprise, you can see that they are really giving their best supporting this board.

I hope all of the companies like Amlogic, Rockchip, Arm and others will seriously support Linux in the future.

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For most SoC vendors, Linux still bring too much benefit for them, so basically, they donate a few on Linux, that’s the problem.

Things like that should be done by open source community :slight_smile:

Yes, that is what i meant, they need to make their hardware open source, so that the community can build drivers and all of the stuff needed.

Every Android box would be capable to run Linux, and the manufacturers would surely benefit from this.

thank you all for your answers.

I tried it with Android 7 and the problem comes up with google chrome but not with firefox so I think it’s a specific incompatibilities between chrome and full screen youtube site. with my cell phone I do not have this problem.

I tried to connect with andriod my hard drive and usb I reproduce full HD video files smoothly.

I bought this board to make a small linux home server and fortunately at the moment I do not care to play video but in the future I hope there is that possibility

You aren’t asking for anything special, it should be a normal thing, only with this you are able to use all of the potential this device has.

I did other tests with Android 7 and google chrome.

the problem I have described is left alone with the youtube site (not the app) in full screen display.

I have tried other sites that offer streaming and I have not encountered problems to see the full-screen streaming.

so it’s a bug in google chrome and youtube. thank you all for your time

you are definitely right. I had no experience with these devices before buying this board.

surely it is a truism to know the limitations …

however, in the end I reported a

Hello, Regarding Android, Chrome and YouTube, have you tried h264ify?
More on h264ify.

NOTE: I have not tried this.

Chrome extensions are still limited to desktop versions of the browser, not mobile ones :frowning:

Sorry. I was not aware of that. I don’t use Chrome regularly. I had only read about h264ify

Hope you find a solution. :slight_smile: