Gearbest any good

I Have ordered Khadas VIM2 Max TV Box 2 x 2 MIMO WiFi Gigabit LAN with WOL - 64GB BLACK from Gearbest and over a week ago and according to there website 25 units are available. They say it will not be dispatched until Oct 21 2017. If they have stock what is the issue? Anyone else have concerns or is this usual practice for them. Any one suggest an alternative supplier for the unit? Thanks Guys.

Hi, Greyghost:
Yep, VIM2 Max are run out of stock, and we are doing new batch mass production, can done tomorrow or so, and provided to Gearbest I think can be shipped before Oct 21.


Congratulations - good to see it is so popular :slight_smile:

Lucky I already received my VIM2 Max :smiley:

Now have two VIM Pros and one VIM2 Max :+1: Actually very happy with GearBest deliveries :+1:

Why show stock we they have none.

Good for you and your point is?

Why is the site still showing stock?

After 4 emails to gear best and a ticket submitted a week ago and still no one has contacted me regarding my order. Got to say crap coms.

Hi, Greyghost:
Can you kindly provide us the order number, I will tell Gearbest to response you.


Order no W1710040021466789