Future of Amlogic in Khadas boards

Does Khadas have any plans for using a different SoC? I am finding the Amlogic is not very well documented and this is making it hard to build around the Khadas boards.

Keep in mind we are not Kernel / Device Tree / driver programmers. Our company builds and designs equipment and machines. So we need something that is extremely well supported like the Pi4 but with really good hardware performance like what you are producing now.

Problem is you gave us a high performance sports car to drive over a frozen lake. Our tires are just spinning here without a well documented and functional GPIO bus we are unable to integrate your current boards into our designs.

Do you have future plans to use a different supplier for the SoC?

Rockchip RK3588 based device is coming soon as we have heard :slight_smile:

That’s going to be another badly documented soc.

I have come to a conclusion that only certain vendor gives complete package as a solution not just piece of hardware.

Khadas does try to give full solution as long as it is in their hands to make the codes public.

If you want something like rpi than rk3399 is very well documented after years of work from open source community.

Pretty much what I suspected its not a Khadas issue. They seem to be much more developer friendly than others in the space.

Digging into this it is posted at several other sites about information being withheld by amlogic.

I was hoping on just one solution, its getting old having to maintain multiple platforms. At this time we are just going to use the vim and edge boards where they are a good fit and Pi for stuff that requires GPIO header connections.

The other issue is the kernel change, that does not help matters.

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