Future functions Tone2 Pro

I just updated my Tone2Pro and I felt immediately the truly potential of this very unique hardware design.
Because there is no physical buttons assigned software changes can add unlimited functions to the same hardware, just clic twice and you enter into a new option, no limits! just the hardware really imposes.

So, I wish open this topic to ask for new functions that other DACs don’t / can’t have because design limitations. Two of my Favorites are:

  • Bass extension
  • Stereo expansion

But maybe some kind of direct VST compatibility will be even great!

Please share your dreams and see which can come true!


Thank you for your advice.

  • Bass extsion should be achieved by EQ.It is possible for us to update firmware to realize,but I am not sure.

  • Stereo expansion,do you mean if Tone2 Pro support the multichannel.


Thanks for reading my suggestion.
The idea behind this is to compensate for deficiencies in regular Headphones. I’m really happy with the quality of the sound of my Tone2 Pro, but some times I really wish to enjoy a deeper bass. I can’t afford a four-digit pair of headphones, that’s the idea of buying this wonderful device: to listen the best possible without breaking the bank.
My idea is to have a simple option: BASS enhancement ON/OFF or, if possible multiple steps of bass.
The great advantage to implement this on hardware is that it can be used even with MQA files (correct me if i’m wrong), something that is very difficult (and expensive) in software.
Again, most of the time I will be happy to listen my (MQA) streaming “as is”, but with some tracks a deeper bass will be wonderful.
Sorry to get too long on this.

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OK,We need some time to discuss and research.

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+1 vote for bass boost feature, even just a simple on/off toggle to boost low frequencies would be nice and it’s a major selling feature for competing products. The most important thing to note is that it should work through RCA output too. There are many reviews of products that have such feature (for example, XBass on iFi ZEN) and people absolutely love the convenience of improving headphones with lackluster bass response with a simple hardware toggle. And the ability to boost bass via hardware allows to use with any sound source and not require any additional apps on computer/smartphone.

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Don’t think bass boost need to. This can be EQ always depends on personal taste. Tone 2 por Tonality has to be natural is possible . However field to improvement on
Depth , volume control.

+1 for bass boost
What are the tone 2 pro multichannel support? I had just assumed multichannel comparability but when loading up Floyd’s ‘Wish you were here’ multichannel file it seems only the stereo mix is played.
Strangely enough I seem to recall a multichannel file had played fine on a separate occasion. So what is the official commentary regarding multichannel file types playable by the Almighty Tone2pro?
Thanks in advance