Ftdi_sio.ko missing?

Hi, i am unable to use ftdi serial.
with lsusb i see the attached stick, but no driver is loaded.
in /lib/modules/4.9.40/kernel/drivers there is no usb directory…
any ideas?


unfortunately i dont want to reinstall the system :frowning: as it runs my smart home system, with homekit, alexa and openvpn…
so basically i just want to update the kernel… any chance?
edit: but after reading the linked post, it’s about enabling serial uart and not the usb ftdi_sio driver… so it wont help me…

Hello ma666world,

If you use Ubuntu V180531, you can follow the steps to update your kernel to support the FTDI USB Serial Converter.

khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo systemctl stop watchdog  
khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo systemctl disable watchdog
khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo dpkg -r linux-image-amlogic-s912-linux-4.9
khadas@Khadas:~$ wget https://dl.khadas.com/Firmware/test/debs/linux-image-amlogic-4.9_0.4_arm64.deb
khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo dpkg -i linux-image-amlogic-4.9_0.4_arm64.deb
khadas@Khadas:~$ sudo reboot

The USB Serial Converter is built in kernel.


as i installed the device in Feb18 it is the image is probly older… Timestamp form Kernel files is: September 22nd 17

and building the missing module as described in Source for Ubuntu release doesn’t really work… unable to modprobe/insmod the builded ftdi_sio.ko

Hi ma666world,

As ftdi_sio is built in kernel, you don’t need to modprobe/insmod. You just need to replace the Image you build.