Free pwm_f pin without removing wifi support

hi, I wanted to free pwm_f pin35 on vim3l board,
I made change in kvim3l_linux.dts from pwm_f_pins2 to pwm_f_pins1. which should free GPIOH_5 and start to use GPIOX_7

&pwm_ef {
         status = "okay";
         pinctrl-names = "default";
        pinctrl-0 = <&pwm_f_pins2>;
       pinctrl-0 = <&pwm_f_pins1>;

but that didn’t reflected on board pin 35 still shows as pwm_f with “gpio readall” command instead got wifi turned off on board because pwm_ef is used by wifi in wifi_pwm_conf or pin GPIOX_7 is wifi wakeup pin

       pwm_channel1_conf {
               pwms = <&pwm_ef MESON_PWM_0 30541 0>;
               duty-cycle = <15270>;
               times = <10>;
        pwm_channel2_conf {
               pwms = <&pwm_ef MESON_PWM_2 30500 0>;
               duty-cycle = <15250>;
               times = <12>;

is it known issue or is there any work around to free pin35 and have wifi remain turned on

it was my mistake pwm_f pin was used by spi_miso gpio I commented it out in “mesonsm1.dtsi” file as bellow to free pin for other gpio use:

        spicc1_pins: spicc1_pins {
                mux {
                        groups = "spi1_mosi",
                                // "spi1_ss0",
                        function = "spi1";
                        drive-strength = <1>;