Forum Activities for Linux Mainline Support?

This is possible, but you will have to write all the scripts and build all the infrastructure for this in these build systems.

Write down exactly what and where you changed.

It was having issues fetching the config files and the scripts so i gave each file the html source path. And it was able to fetch all of the files needed to build the package.

Actually the files are inside test-vim directory of your git pkgbuild which is quite old. Do you have the 5.0.2 tar.gz url?


I am going through the link. Should I just use the

in your PKGBUILD or use the whole package from archlinux?

The reason for asking this is that the archlinux package is mostly for rockchip hardware.

Try using the official package. Then it will be possible to add patches and scripts. You the main thing now is to create a primary system Assembly to the desired image.


I have kept it to compile. I am using the manjaro-arm-tool to build this linux.5.0 package.

But i see that they are too many redundant drivers for mediatek n Qcom maybe we need to trim it down just for amlogic drivers.

I will update you ones it is compiled. I will receive my board by tomorrow hopefully.

Thanks for ur support

You can add a patch that optimizes the configuration.

I put it to compile almost 12 hours ago and it is still compiling.
Does it take that long? I see that it is only utilizing 1 core of my processor

What command are you building it with ?

sudo buildarmpkg -p linux-kvim1 -a aarch64

I created the folder linux-kvim1 with the pkgbuild and all the files needed.

The -jn (n=use core) option doesn’t work ?

I didn’t try it.
Next time will use that.

The compiling is still going on. I am not sure if it takes this long? Almost 24hrs now.

Finally it is over. And now I have linux aarch64chromebook package.

Next, what patches do i have to add and how can I add now?

i will study the function. Sh in manjaro arm tool and make changes to it to add khadas vim1 and share it with you.

To run the kernel from the script, the command “booti” (that would not use the utility mkimage to package the Image in the old format of the command “bootm”) you will need two patches. You can also change the kernel configuration immediately (remove unnecessary options).

Hey thanks
But the package is already built.

Can i edit the package or you mean rebuilt it again with the patches?
Sorry to ask but still in learning process.
After compiling the Linux aarch64 kernel I have got 3 files

  1. linux-aarch64-5.0.4-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz
  2. linux-aarch64-chromebook-5.0.4-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz
  3. linux-aarch64-headers-5.0.4-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz

Which one should I be using to buildimg for vim1? After I add the patches to the mainline kernel?

Can I use your config file to reduce the extra drivers?
I see your config is around 4k line while upstream one is 8k lines.

I don’t know exactly the contents of the first two archives, but you probably need the first package. The third package is the kernel headers.

Yes, you can try any configuration option.

is the patch important to make the system boot?
I am building an img without the patch as I can only compile the kernel with the patch only at night asit take a long time to compile.

Yes, these patches to run the kernel without the use of packing in the obsolete android version.