Fortnite Not Compatible

Guys, I wanted to play Fortnite on Android 11 64 bit, does anyone know why I get this error?

The default android for vim4 is 64 bit, check the new release of 64 bit image for compatibility


hey @Electr1 Do you mean that because i am using a preview version of the 64 bit rom, this is expected? And compatibility feature will be resolved in future?

It’s the contrary, you are using the 32bit rom at the moment (you can verify this by checking the arch info with something like geekbench or cpu-z and it should return armv7 which is 32 bit)

Try the preview rom which is 64 bit version of Android, it should most likely be compatible as long as Google Play services are not required by it.

I downloaded and installed the 64 bit version. That’s why my posts specifically says that it’s odd that even on the 64 bit version of android where I meet all requirements, I can’t run Fortnite.

It could be some other reason with the android firmware itself, I have noted that this game isn’t compatible with many other devices that do have the listed technical requirements, and unfortunately there isn’t much else to be said :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh ok, makes sense! Thank you.

Bump, if an official khadas member can comment on it, instead of me speculating why this doesn’t work…

Can you check if android is rooted or has developer settings enabled ?
I checked those things prevent it from being installed (anti cheat)

Negative. Neither those.