Footprint of S922X

Who can provide the footprint of S922X?thank you!

VIM3 silk is here, VIM3 uses A311D. If I recall correctly S922x and A311D are pin-to-pin compatible.

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yes a311d just has an artificial intelligence module , and has maximum frequencies :wink:

pcb library available ?

@taimed do you mean gerber files ?

this is all the Hardware documentation available for VIM3 atm:

There are no files regarding the SoC footprint (such as its files)

this is all that exists on the silkscreen:

you can also refer to page 16 of the datasheet for pinout,
but other than that, there isn’t any “specific” footprint files for using in kicad or such (which I believe is what you are looking for)

maybe try contact Khadas privately if you need that info perhaps.

I have found that too, but what I need is the altium or proteus or orcad library of the SoC