Flashing Ubuntu from a Linux machine


I’ve been trying to flash the Ubuntu image onto the eMMC flash of my VIM2 Pro since I got it yesterday. But I haven’t managed to figure out how to do so from a Linux machine.

The guide to flash using USB only mention how to do it using Windows. So I tried to create a so-called “Burning card” from my Linux machine.

However the firmware page only lists U-boot with “Nougat” in the name for the Vim2, and not a regular U-boot. I tried using this one and wrote it to the SD card with the dd commands before copying over the update.img file like the docs tell me to do. But the VIM2 won’t flash this when I do the “Power (Hold) -> Reset (Press) -> Power (keep holding 2-3s) -> Release”, it just gets stuck on a “Khadas” logo.

I also tried to just dd if=update.img of=/dev/<sd card> and boot that, but it wouldn’t boot that either.

Does anyone know how to flash the Ubuntu server image to eMMC from a Linux machine? Or at least how to make it boot from the SD card?

You can flash Ubuntu image with your linux machine :grinning:

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Thanks, this looks promising. Might be a good idea to link these tools on docs.khadas.com? Or maybe they are but I didn’t see them.

I’ll try the flash-tools and mark this as a solution if it works