Firmware update

I saw that there are firmware updates files but I didn’t found out how to burn them.

I’d be happy to have a user guide on how to burn the tone board firmware.

Thanks in advance

You have a TUSBAudioDfu.exe inside drivers zip or in the installation directory.

SaturN, you can download the software for upgrading your firmware via USB-C here:[Only%20for%20some%20OS%20Upgrade%20XMOS]

Firmware Images for Tone Board are available here:

I’m in the middle of writing the guide, however I myself can’t get the driver to install properly on (my rather old) Windows 7. I may have to try Windows 10.

Thanks , I’ll try

Cool, as long as the driver works it should be quite straightforward.

  1. Install driver + software package.
  2. Open firmware update tool
  3. Connect Tone Board to your PC (firmware tool will verify it is connected)
  4. Load firmware image into tool
  5. Flash and wait.

How do you update the firmware from linux?

Hello somebodyelse,

For DFU upgrade you have to use windows, we don’t have such tools on linux.


That is pretty stupid. I do not want to pay another 150€ for Windows just to be able to upgrade firmware on some “open source” device. :frowning: That is no open source at all.

Thanks for the answer, although not what I expected given the VIM boards running linux. Is the DFU implementation the normal XMOS one? If so might be the answer. dfu-util might also work if the XMOS implementation is standard dfu.

Updated Khadas Docs with firmware upgrading instructions. Still Windows only.

Hello @wanthalf, @somebodyelse

Linux upgrade tool added.

Hwo to use?

Install essential packages:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev

Download the DFU upgrade tool:

$ wget
$ chmod +x toneboard_dfu_tool

Burn the firmware:

$ sudo ./toneboard_dfu_tool --download firmware.bin

If burning successfully, you will see the messages below:

VID = 0xbda, PID = 0x411
VID = 0x1d6b, PID = 0x3
VID = 0x1a86, PID = 0x7523
VID = 0x4ca, PID = 0xa8
VID = 0x20b1, PID = 0x8
ToneBoard DFU application started - Interface 2 claimed
Detaching device from application mode.
Waiting for device to restart and enter DFU mode...
VID = 0x20b1, PID = 0x8
... DFU firmware upgrade device opened
... Downloading image (/home/nick/work/share/ToneBoard/linux-upgrade-tool/firmware.bin) to device
... Download complete
... Returning device to application mode

In the end

You can find the source code of the DFU upgrade tool on linux here:


Thanks for the linux upgrade tool. I think the essential package bit should be:
sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0
The dev package should only be needed by people compiling their own version.

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Great, thanks! It’s nice to see you really take things seriously!

Okay guys, here’s the Tone Board firmware upgrade instructions for Mac OS X!

Homebrew finally updated the repository bottles for Mojave (10.14.2), so the libusb library could install correctly.

Some Tips:
(1) You’ll have to install Homebrew first (, so that you can install the libusb library (brew install libusb) for your Mac.
(2) If Homebrew doesn’t run properly (throws an error when you run it), it means you need to install Xcode Command Line Tools (Xcode CLI).

If you have any issues on your end, reply to this post and I’ll help you out.


Seems to work! (Just had to download some developer tools at the start, as prompted in Terminal).