Firmware update on 1st release

I see there are now firmware updates posted for the Tone 2.
What method should I use with mine as it was one of the 1st units shipped?

@patl2020 @Gouwa @Eric68 Please help about this .

Check the User Manual or YouTube Guide for the instructions.

And we will release a new video soon to guide you how to upgrade the MCU for the early birds with SN 0Cxxxx and 11xxxx.

Have fun!

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Hello @Gouwa can we apply the firmware Tone2_Pro_Firmware_V1.20_210408 without the MCU?

Thanks Gouwa, is there a document showing the changes made in this update?

Hi @Gouwa ,
I understand that we will have to follow a special process to update the MCU for these first two batches using the special adapter, but can we already update the XMOS firmware via USB ?

Also, I already have a ST-LINK/V2 if it’s needed for the MCU firmware

Yes, can.

Sure thing, will done while the video is ready recently.


Thanks, did the XMOS update. Will wait now for the MCU one, I have the STLink ready :wink:

Yup. Same here. Hoping this will be a project for this weekend. Not looking forward to peeling back the rubber foot, but it will be nice to see how it measures after the MCU update. :slight_smile:

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Hi Gouwa, on the same subject, is it possible to go back to a previous version of the firmware, should the need arise?

Yes, for XMOS firmware can.