Firmware Online Update

When I tried to update OS from online (setting -> about -> update -> online update), it’s giving me error message like “Check Failed! Check Your OTA Service Agent”.

How Can I update it online without cable or sdcard?

Firmware is Android? Current firmware doesn’t support online update, next release will support it.

yes, Firmware is Android. So, VIM3_Pie_V200624 in this version it doesn’t support right?

It doesn’t support OTA updates, yet…
if you had a cable, you could flash with the USB_Burning_tool, with “Erase flash” Disabled…
it would update the system data alone, and not have any effect on your personal data*

(does not include modifications made to system files)

It is the closest thing to a OTA update, but wired…

@numbqq: Any idea about new release? When it will come?

Yes, that the last option but all user is not that much technical. Thanks.

You need to ask Terry :slightly_smiling_face:

@numbqq With the new release, will we only be able to update to the official release or could we also be able to update to the custom Android firmware?

@rcb13 Next week. Terry will release a new version


Thanks @Frank It’s awesome news for us because we hardly want firmware support online update.

@rcb13 May I ask, why don’t you want to support online upgrade?

@Frank: Firmware will be used by normal user for our future app who don’t have technical knowledge.

@rcb13 Terry has released the image, you may download and install it…

@Electr1: I don’t want to update it like this, I want online update. When I tried to click on Check online update button from setting -> about -> update It’s saying “Check failed! Check your OTA service agent”

There is one of the conditions, to update from the penultimate version to the latest, does it look like this for you?

which image are you one currently ?
The OTA update is supported from 200917 onwards… images before that don’t support it…

you can’t go from 200624 to 200917 like that…
the OTA client was add only in this version, so it is mandatory that you update the wired way or with Krescue this one last time…

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ok, got it. Thanks @Electr1

Terry suggests updating from the version 200624.


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huh, so it is possible…
sorry didn’t see that one, thanks for correcting

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it’s okay, buddy

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