Firmware Image to run Linux with all drivers

Bought the Vim Pro months ago, seen the ad saying runs Ubuntu and all the chip sets for 4K etc. Then found it did not have the Mali Drivers for the video (4K), I have been waiting for a firmware image to come along - but no show. Will there ever be a Linux distro running on the board with everything on the board been used.

Hi Dexvim,

The official ubuntu can’t play 4K video now, but you can try Balbes150 's Armbian images with Kodi. You can refer to the following link.

I’ve completely given up on Ubuntu, i do not have high hopes that we will ever use it with Mali and vpu accelerated drivers, so i am sticking with Android for now.

Too much time has passed and there hasn’t been any progress regarding Linux, only good thing is that we can watch Kodi 17 and we can thank Balbes150 for that.

If i’d known then what i know now, i would definitely buy some other board, probably some of the Odroid boards available, C2 most likely.

We all know Khadas team is a small team, but it’s not ok to promise something you can’t deliver, it’s not ok to deceive customers.

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who else is deceived by linux support ? I am.
khadas team should never had built the vim2 and should have fully focused on Linux for the vim1.
maybe the biggest lesson to learn is : do not even believe that any amlogic soc can or will run Linux to the level the diy customers will expect.


The only upside to this is that Armbian and Coreelec have hacked the Android kernel to run a functional Linux with accelerated graphics. However this will never represent proper Linux mainline support and it seems that ARM and Amlogic has zero interest in achieving mainline kernel support for its latest hardware releases.None of this would be a problem if manufacturers such a Khadas didn’t claim otherwise.

Deceived is definitely the word.


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Do not write nonsense, if you do not understand the essence of the issue and do not know what is happening in the development.

Vim1 is the first and the last Vim board i will ever buy.

I don’t believe we will ever see Amlogic Linux driver support, especially with S912.

We are yet to see will Ubuntu 18.04. bring some improvements, but for now Linux support is close to zero.

Releasing Vim2 was a mistake, they should have focused completely on Vim1 software support, and they are now failing with both devices.

Firmware images are released 2-3 times a year, no kernel upgrades, many things were promised when they started, and they completely failed to deliver.

I am completely dissappointed, even though i got Vim2 for free.

They are completely inactive even here on the forum, you have to wait for days if you want something to be answered, and you are lucky if you even get an answer.


When can we expect a Mali-T820MP3 driver in Linux Mainline ? Until there is a definitive answer to that no one should be claiming Linux support for the S912 chipset.