Fenix Ubuntu dont boot VIM1

Hi there,

i have downloaded yesterday the fenix script and build 2 Version of Ubuntu.

First I tried Ubuntu Focal with Mainline Kernel and mainline Uboot from a SD card.
Second the same, but with Xenial

Both builds are in a boot loop and I see repeately the Khadas Bootlogo, nothing else.

On the EMMC the latest Khadas Android Pie is installed.

I have no problems in Booting a Coreelec from SD. Is there something wrong with uboot, or do I need something special do to?

I even tried the assets from https://github.com/khadas/fenix/actions/runs/414714176

Even this one VIM1_Ubuntu-server-focal_Linux-5.10-rc6_arm64_SD-USB_V0.9.8-201211.img

is not working. Does anyone see the same thing?

i will check it soon - :wink:

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