Fenix script starts with error at building any Generic image

Any time I try building now a new Generic image with Fenix script regardless the version of Ubuntu I choose it immediately ends up with the following error:

[i] FENIX (scripts/create_image.sh) BUILD: /home/user/project/khadas/fenix/build | DL: /home/user/project/khadas/fenix/downloads | sudo: sudo -E
make: *** [Makefile:2: all] Error 1

Any ideas how to fix it?

A year ago or so it was possible to do at Khadas git with Fenix script although with an older Ubuntu version and older kernel. It was also possible to do earlier last year using online scripts at Krescue. Now it is also not possible as generic image was deleted from Khadas download web-site.
I need to compile this image as its kernel supports EFI and EFI-stub as default which allows using multiboot GUI like Grub2 or ReFind to start different Linux distros from USB pen-drive, SDcards or NVME drives which is very handy.

I’m using khadas vim3 pro with mailnline uboot burnt into PCI and NVME drive connected directly to PCIE port. I also have a vendor Amlogic uboot in EMMC with a new official Khadas Android 64 bit release in order to use flawlessly all available Khadas multimedia features for YouTube, watching videos and listen to the music from my NAS and any other sources.

For building generic image using Fenix script I use a desktop PC with Ubuntu 22.04.

Thank you for any help.

Can confirm that attempting to build a generic image using Ubuntu 20 is giving me the same error here.

Device-specific images are working though.

Hello @Dingo

Please provide your build configurations?

make info

Hello @numbqq

This is my configuration details:

$ make info

Version: 1.4
Current environment:



But it doesn’t matter what Ubuntu generic release to choose - bionic, focal or hirsute. It gives the same
error in the beginning of build process. And the same with Debian

Hello @Dingo

At this moment, the generic image may not working anymore due to the new mainline linux kernel which doesn’t support to boot with vendor u-boot, so the mainline u-boot is needed when you build the image with mainline kernel.

We suggest you to use the specified board image.

Hello @numbqq

I have mainline u-boot in SPI and bootmode switched to SPI.
So I’m starting linux distros with mainline u-boot. Does it make any difference with
this configuration that I have vendor u-boot in EMMC if use mainline u-boot in PCI
to start my VIM?

In this way is ok. And you can also choose to build image with the specified board not use the generic image.