Faulty T2P knob/tension build-up

Anyone have any ideas how I can fix the knob? I’m thinking something is wrong with the silicone ring. At first it was the one off scraping sensation, however, after a week+ there is considerable tension that builds up when adjusting the volume.

At certain times I will be adjusting the volume up, and once I reach past a certain turn, the volume will either shoot all the way down to mute, or max volume. I have a bit of PTSD from hurting my ears a few times already, and am honestly a bit anxious when it comes to adjusting volume now. I would do a replacement through Amazon but they don’t have any black tone 2’s anymore :frowning:

Hi @Arthur_Fleck and welcome.

You certainly have a problem on your device as I used mine since more than a month with intensive use and never got the volume going full down or high like that.
Hope this can be fix with technical support

@Grooved thanks for the warm welcome. Same, hoping I can get this sorted out. But other than that I love the T2P. Listening to Tidal thru it now. Adjusting volume very cautiously lol

Hello, And yes, welcome aboard. :slightly_smiling_face:
As to attempting to repair the T2P, I would not to avoid warranty issues.

The Khadas Shop is also out, all case colors. I assume Khadas will move quickly to restock both outlets. Popular demand has but one downside, I think you have found it. :smile:

If you would like to ease your curiosity( :grin:), below is the exploded assembly. Excerpt from here.