Failed to flash boot.img and userdata.img. why..?

Hi guys,
I failed to flash boot.img, userdata.img.
And I don’t know why. Please give me some help :sweat_smile:

I followed this guide

I flashed all the binaries successfully (super,cache,recovery…) except boot.img, userdata.img.

My build commands of aosp are below :

$ repo init -u -b master
$ repo sync -j8
$ . ./build/
$ lunch yukawa-userdebug

And these are my error logs :

  1. boot.img
$ sudo fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot: error: boot partition is smaller than boot image
  1. userdata.img
$ sudo fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
Sending 'userdata' (128 KB)                        OKAY [  0.018s]
Writing 'userdata'                                 FAILED (remote: 'cannot find partition')

Is there anybody who can help me ?

stumbled upon the same issue too while testing :sweat_smile:

it seems the AOSP partition size is slightly different from the standard android image from khadas,

I believe you can only use the AOSP image if you pack it up into a full image, and flash it with Amlogic USB burning tool…

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@speed.eom @Terry @jasonl Please help about this question…

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@speed.eom exec fastboot oem format ,then flash boot.img

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I just fix my problem.
The problem is that I reset my board after flashing android bootloader.
So I just executed fastboot commands without reset, everything is fine!

Thanks for you guy’s help !