Fail building image file USB BURNING TOOL

I have a Khadas VIM2 3GB 64GB and I want to change the OS to Ubuntu. I download the Ubuntu’s image file from and I’m doing this tutorial But when I load Ubuntu’s image file the USB Burning Tool says “fail building image file”. The start button never has been activates.

I redownload and reinstall the program and redownload Ubuntu’s image file but says the same all time. Also I try to use other version of the program, but doesn’t works.


Hi vinolo,

Which version did you use?

If you want to burn image to eMMC you should download image with EMMC suffix, for latest version is:



I try to use USB versions, to install it by USB Burning Tool 2.1.something, also 2.0.something. With EMMC I don’t try it.

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry, I understand another thing XD. I download EMMC version and install Ubuntu, but now with a PC with Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop version and works fine. Sorry for this error, that isn’t from USB Burning Tool, is mine.

Thank you.

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