Extreme cooling help

I hear ya, I “two” have a long list of chores, only problem is, I have a double threat :sweat_smile:

In the spirit of EXTREME cooling…

Sandia Cooler (boundary layer reduction):

Ionic Wind Cooling (charged plates generate ion flow):

Piezo Jet (undulating membrane):


…And I thought that Liquid nitrogen was overkill

But since you guys made the VIMs so darn small :relaxed:, any Idea if there is anything that actually fits over the SBC itself ???

I think that this cooling method using a peltier module to cool the processer is another awesome cooling method, it was implemented for cooling “gaming phones” recently

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Oh ya I spent quite a bit of money buying these prototypes about 10 years ago (was more of a mad scientist back then).

Although the peltier device actively uses electrons to draw heat away from the load, the heat still has to be dissipated somehow, through a fan, etc…otherwise the peltier itself becomes saturated.

It’s a heat pumper, not a heat dumper. :smile:


Yeah, atleast it is a cheap way to get sub-zero temps.

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Oh is there a CPU cooler that can do that? Would be cool if you had a link to a product page.

Maybe peltier devices have become more efficient than when I was playing with them 10 years ago.

They used to cost 100USD a piece, and sucked power like hell.

Black Shark looks interesting, will study the product page.

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I realize there is one way we have left out, it is actually like sci-fi tech, but has been forgotten in the tech industry, only companies like RAZER still use it in heir ultrabooks, and are the reason the have the best flagship notebook laptops

It is Vapor chamber cooling, and it is very easy to install on existing Khadas heatsink systems,
here is a link to one, https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Vapor-Chamber-Cooling-Customized-Copper-Vapor_62296413858.html?spm=a2700.galleryofferlist.0.0.3ae02fbbUEhN6O

Check it out…

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Yeah, peltier tech is still the same, this particular one from blackshark is just a smaller version, I believe it is 30x30mm in size

Here is a link to a small one,

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Probably vapor chamber is better, no need to add more juice.

yes, and is much more economic, I want to try to see if I can sandwich one on my VIM3 but it is quite rare here in India to get,

I have to get one from China, but they only supply in commercial quantities, and communication is a bit hard for me…

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Ah okay, I will see if I can buy a few commercial samples. If it works, we can ship 1 or 2 to you for further testing. :smile:

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Oh nice, I was going to ask if you could test it on my behalf, especially because you guys are in shenzen, you would have a better way of getting those things, guess we have our minds synced :smile:

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One more thing I read very recently,

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A vapor chamber can only transfer heat… we will still need a good cooling to dissipate it…

as for Peltier as @tsangyoujun describes its very inefficient it will probably raise the temps rather lower them… Linus has done a great video about the same

I would suggest using a good thermal pad like IC diamond thermal pad or this


and use axial cooler fan rather than blower type and also have sufficient mounting pressure on the heatsink


Or I will suggest just changing the mounting brackets for this cooler so that it will fit VIM


I have already recommended that :blush:

the name thermal grizzly…
It only reminds me of the famous kryonaut/ Conductonaut,

It would be “cool” to use liquid Metal :wink:
as it has a very high thermal conductivity of 70-75 W/mk

I just asked my colleague to order some arctic silver thermal paste. Will see how that compares to the heat pads.

  • Peltier
  • Vapor Chamber
  • Heat Pad
  • Thermal Paste

All these just move the heat away, the convective or forced air system still is responsible for carrying away the heat. But yes it is part of the solution. So if the convective system is bad, the “heat pump” will saturate with phonons, and you’ll be back to square one.

It’s like you either have a very fast CPU, with slow memory bus…or very fast bus with slow CPU. The solution as everyone knows today is to have a fast bus with fast CPU. :smile: