Extreme cooling help

in any case, I hope that the parcel reaches you safe and sound!

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Rubber band trick! Now even stress -c6 can’t get to 75C \o/

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Why did you use that box?

My Khadas came with SUPER HIGHLY customizable free case with Khadas logoSuper customizable case

It is the same box of course.

No post 88 he uses a weird brown shoebox or something

this is not my box, but Electr1

I used his photo, I have a standard DIY case


Hehe :sweat_smile:, sorry it was due to budget cuts, also I was going to implement mine in a Tablet style device so I saw no reason to get a DIY case…

It has raised many eyebrows by now, it has a distinct charm to it; :joy:

Here is what i have so far, VIM1 Sweden case. 2 40X40 Noctua 5V fans on top of a 70X40X20 heatsink and all that is sitting on a 120mm 5V usb fan.

So the 2 Noctua fans cool the heatsink which cools the top of the sweden case then the 120mm cools the bottom of the case



Amazing mate, tell me some performance numbers, It looks Awesome :heart_eyes:

Can you try using it with the heatsink on top of the SBC itself?, I suggest spray painting it if doing so, as it will act as some electrical insulation…

I see a metal case, do you want super extreme cooling or what else can you call it?

It reminds me of this extreme PC cooling setup…



looks like a turbine from an airplane or rocket, usually flames come out of them

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These one is supposed to prevent flames…

buddy, I hope my Khadas doesn’t take off?

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Probably will be in the sky-high…
:slightly_smiling_face: :point_up:

hmm, I wouldn’t want him to fly away

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No one him want’s to fly away buddy :smile:

@hyphop and I are testing out some “extreme cooling”. :joy_cat:


Amazing! :joy:
Why the pens on the side ?
looks like you guys are having fun in the office, I want in on it… :smile:

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@tsangyoujun I know that there is an app for the cooler, but I don’t know how to get it on other device

I think there is a QR code included with the device package that links to the Application, you can download it and control the cooler in android, you can even enable supecooling to -13°C !

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