Extra SSD Installation

I just want an insight. Since I couldn’t find a better thread in the forum, I posting it here.
I have been using my laptop for general and job purposes for a while. Recently my lap started acting up. I found that it lacks performance since memory is full. I have decided to go ahead with an external SSD. Is it okay to do so?
If yes, is 256 GB enough?


Depends on how much stuff you are archiving.

Thank you. Do you have any company/brand preferences?
I was thinking about WD as the first choice. I will be working like 12 hours a day. Mainly doing programming and coding. I am working as a lead developer in the mobile app development services domain and participating in two different projects at a time. Also, my personal needs like watching movies, sending emails, and saving pictures from my camera.
Even though I have an external hard disk, I do store some images on the laptop as well.
Apart from brand another thing I would seriously consider is the warranty period. Any suggestions?

Yes, the WD Blue has been doing very well and the WD Red is also a good drive if you are building a server. Also, the Netac SSD is another one, its pretty low price. The Netac SSD tested here is the 160Gb model. WD’s are 500Gb and 1Tb models.

Since you are coding my recommendation would be the WD Red, it has a very low error rate. That is very important when compiling/building stuff. Create 3++ partitions, one for OS, one for work and the other for personal use.

Its extremely easy to break an OS when developing code. When I start to see funky stuff happening I just lay down a fresh OS then remount partitions and move on. One partition will be OS exclusively and other minor dependencies, another for your projects and other important info then one for personal.

With the Khadas boards I am running OS exclusively in emmc and other stuff is on SSD.