External touch screen problem with Edge on Android


I have an AOC 16T2 portable touch monitor, which i would like to use with my Edge.
It works perfectly out of the box with Ubuntu, but wouldn’t work with Android Qt or Pie.

The display is in landscape orientation, but Android detects the touch as portrait mode. It means that while i see the android menu bar at the bottom, the places where i have to tap to activate them is on the right side of the screen.

Running “setprop persist.sys.rotation.einit 0” through adb looked like fixed the orientation problem of the touch, but then the right side of the screen doesn work.

I tried setting the screen size through adb with “wm size WxH” but no luck :(, it’s just supposed to be 1920x1080 without problems.

(Again, its not a problem with the AOC display, Ubuntu on Edge works without problems but thats not what i’m looking for)

Someone please help, thank you…

@vekkkk Problem with touch in Firmware V190816 - #17 by goenjoy

Worked perfectly thank you. This small tutorial worth to put into the documentation.

@vekkkk Thank you for your suggestion. We are issuing a FAQ document, which will contain this question.