External SSD problem?

Anybody else find that your Mind freezes when plugging in an external SSD directly to the back of the Mind? It seems to be churning to mount the drive. Unplug it and everything resumes normal operation.

The same disk works fine when plugged into the dock. The disk(s) are a Samsung T7 and T9. This is either a hardware bug in my system or some problem with the firmware driving the rear USB ports.

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Based on the feedback you provided, please follow the guidelines below to try to resolve the issue:

  1. Please ensure that all devices in your Mind’s Device Manager are recognized properly. If there are any unrecognized devices, please install the necessary drivers.
  2. Please confirm that your external hard drive can be correctly recognized by other devices as well.
  3. Please make sure you are using our original adapter or an adapter that supports 65W or higher PD fast charging protocol.

We will continue to follow up on this issue until it is resolved.

The Samsung disks (which are USB 3.2 gen 2) work when plugged into the Mind USB-C (3.2 gen 2) inner port or the dock’s USB-A (3.2 gen 1) ports. They are not recognized when plugged into the Mind USB-A (3.2 gen 2) ports. They also work well on other systems.

It’s definitely a problem with the Mind USB-A ports at least on my system.

We have procured the Samsung T9 and conducted compatibility tests.
During our testing of the USB-A/USB-C interfaces on the Mind , we did not find any faults.
If you have confirmed that all devices in your machine are correctly recognized (no drivers are missing), please try connecting other USB 3.2 GEN2 devices for troubleshooting.
We will continue to follow up on this issue.

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