External Power Vim2

I am trying to work out what to do to plug external power in to the Vim2 basic.

The plug behind the USB-C connector is covered with a little yellow sticker?

Am I able to power the Khadas off the GPIO header?

That would be an ideal solution for me.

Recommend the VIN header close to USB-C connector, more detail at Forum Search:


Yeah I am just confused because it has the little yellow clear sticker over it. Vim just has the four pins. Do I just peel off the yellow clear sticker?

Yep, you can just peel off the yellow sticker.

Have fun!

Ah! Thank you! Was just that be delicate I am a flexible don’t pull on me connector colour :slight_smile:

at 17.Dec mixotricha ask if it’s able to power the vim2 over the GPIO header, maybe 1 and 21, but I can’t find any answer ?

Is it possible ?

Thanks for answer

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i think they are not very practical because tiny and need a hard to find connector

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I would also like to power via the GPIO header - looking at the schematics it looks fine (so long as you use a regulated 5V supply), guess the only question is if the PCB tracks from the GPIO header are up to powering the whole board from it (if i supply power to all the 5v pins and 0v to all the gnd pins)? As i want to use quite a few in a cluster the GPIO header and the connector type is much easier for me. Be interested to know the answer to that please?