External keyboard issue

I’m new to the VIM 3 Pro, but I made sure I was on the latest Android from the files area etc.

There appears to be a weird “bug” and wondering if anyone can help me fix it (or might even need fixing in source)

I’m using a typical mini wireless keyboard + touchpad device. When connected to the VIM with Android 9 the letter Q does not work. I installed a keyboard hardware tester app and it appears the Q key is mapped as the “Win” key, which would open the windows start menu when used on a windows machine.

I’ve tested this keyboard with my MacOS (Catalina), Windows XP, Windows 10, Android (LineageOS) on Nexus 7 2012, and also on a Samsung Galaxy Tab - it works perfectly on ALL of those devices so it’s not a keyboard issue, it must be a problem with this particular android build.

Any thoughts / ideas??

I have noticed the same issue now that you mention it, I just never used the ‘Q’ key before.

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It’s not a huge issue as I also rarely use the Q - I only realised because my WiFi routers’ password has a Q in it and after it wouldn’t connect (saying bad password) a couple of times, I realised when I pressed Q nothing moved (Eg, the text cursor position never moved forward)… I just used the mouse to click Q on the on screen keyboard, then installed “Keyboard Hardware Tester” and that’s when I discovered the issue.

100% a bug in this build - like I say, keyboard works perfectly on every other device I’ve tested it with on multiple operating systems and devices in the household. Raspberry Pi, Macbook, PC, Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab etc etc all work perfect

@IAmOrion Maybe @Terry can help you about this .

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We already have fixed this issue.
You can add the line key 16 Q into the file /vendor/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl with adb command.

# adb root
# adb remount
# adb shell
# vi /vendor/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl
# reboot
+++ b/common/Generic.kl
@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ key 12    MINUS
 key 13    EQUALS
 key 14    DEL
 key 15    TAB
+key 16    Q
 key 17    W
 key 18    E
 key 19    R


Thanks @Terry - that worked.

Out of curiosity, when is the next update due? (The one that includes this fix, but also GPS implementation).

Many thanks again


What are you guys using to enter the key information?

What do you mean? I connected my VIM to my pc via adb and ran the commands as specified.

vi is an editor