Exploring the Khadas VIM3 SBC for android

I am working on an Android powered CARPC system for my motorcycle.
Currently I have an Odroid-N2 but limitations with HFP have me looking elsewhere.

First thing I need to know is power on and power off, can the power button be ignored?
I need the system to boot up as soon as it receives power, and I will be setting up a UPS with a trigger to create an orderly shut down when power us cut.

Can the Khadas VIM3 be setup to be run in this way?

Another thing, can Google HFP/HSP be used with the built in BT?
This is what is pushing me away from Odroid, I can find NO way to use HFP on that system.
If I cant use “Ok Google” I am at a dead end…

Thank you in advance.

Hello, The VIM3 can be set to stay off or boot up with the application of power. This can be done using KBI.
Not sure how you might trigger a shut down electronically.
The VIM3’s XPWR pads can use a switch to control power, for instance, power on, Sleep or bring up the power dialog box(shut down, reboot, screenshot). But those would still require additional action to initiate a shutdown.

Have no experience with HFP, but audio out is available only thru HDMI or through SPDIF on the GPIO.

Thank you RDFTKV the power on is most important, orderly power off should be able to be created via an app monitoring a GPIO pin.

Next is hands free protocol via BT that I am interested in.
My helmet has a BT audio system in it with a mic, used with a cell ph I can use HFP, all I need to say is “ok google, get me directions to Victoria” and my Cell ph opens google maps and plots a route.
This it is not possible if the BT module is connected on USB as the HFP cannot get a direct path to the BT system over the USB system.
Thus I need someone to verify this before I can commit to changing SBC.

Thank you!

As for BT, you may be able to determine that info thru the schematic, available here.
Bluetooth function provided by the WiFi module. I will look into interface further.

I am sorry to ask but I really need to make certain that HFP/HSP over bluetooth work on the VIM3 under android before I can possibly commit to purchase. Is there anyone out there that can verify this via testing please :frowning:

Thank you.