ES9038PRO for future poduct?

Does Khadas have any plans for the better -PRO chip, with supposedly unique and better re-clocking architecture?
Yes, those chips are quite a bit more money.
I would also like to see a better case for the TONE+VIM2 combo, made from machined aluminum.
Understand this is not the main focus of Khadas, but maybe they can strike up a deal with some machine shop for this?


Hi csv:
Thanks for the suggestions & feedback!

Currently, we still don’t have a roadmap on -Pro chip, but we did have a plan to deisgn a Tone + VIMs combo in the future.

Actually, KTB(Khadas Tone Board) is the first product we seeking on Hi-Fi marketing, and we found that we still need improve our team more and provide more professional service to our users rather then kickoff a new -Pro product instead.

Out team have a thought that, the combo with Hi-Fi(KTB) + media(VIMs) + AVS(Mic array) + LCD, I think we will take a try on this quite soon.

You: "Hey Khadas, play music Perfect"
Combo: “OK, let’s hear Perfect by Ed Sheeran…”

Have fun!

Great, with the VIM2 plus KTB you have the foundation for a media server. That segment is pretty sparse.
Right now I’m scratching my head, I like what I see, but I’d like to see a better mechanical setup, with a better case for the combo.
I’d like to have a media server as above, with room for more storage, (external SSD or cloud storage) to be used with an Android app on my phone. I think you may be targeting the TV applications, which is OK too, but not my primary objective right now. But who knows.

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I think that you guys have proved yourself well capable of designing great audio gear with the Tone Board. Just checking the measured results, and you are beating a lot of heavyweights in the hi-fi business.

If you designed a standalone DAC, preferably with RCA and XLR outputs and manage to get as good results as you have with the Tone Board, I think you are going to sell a ton of them. I know I would buy a couple in an instance.