Error during "Download Vendor" stage when flashing V210128 on my VIM3L

I am not able to flash the VIM3L_Pie_V210128.7z firmware on my board. I am constantly getting an error on 93% during the Download Vendor stage.
I am using the included type C cable and USB burning tool v2.2.0

Here is the log for the Download Vendor stage

[01:15:45 521][HUB1-1][Inf]--0-7-0-16
[01:15:45 521][HUB1-1][Inf]--download store vendor sparse 217223340
[01:15:45 522][HUB1-1][Inf]--Send download command success
[01:15:45 539][HUB1-1][Inf]--Read command status success
[01:18:00 562][HUB1-1][Err]--usbWriteFile failed ret=-116
[01:18:00 562][HUB1-1][Err]--Download file failed, sequence 2312 
[01:18:00 562][HUB1-1][Inf]--Failure : 1, FailureMax : 3
[01:20:01 084][HUB1-1][Err]--usbWriteFile failed ret=-116
[01:20:01 084][HUB1-1][Err]--Download file failed, sequence 2312 
[01:20:01 085][HUB1-1][Inf]--Failure : 2, FailureMax : 3
[01:22:01 601][HUB1-1][Err]--usbWriteFile failed ret=-116
[01:22:01 601][HUB1-1][Err]--Download file failed, sequence 2312 
[01:22:01 601][HUB1-1][Inf]--Failure : 3, FailureMax : 3
[01:22:01 612][HUB1-1][Err]--[0x30403003]UBOOT/Partition vendor/Download buffer/Data tranfer error
[01:22:01 612][HUB1-1][Inf]--Close device handle 0x00000a64

I would highly appeciate if someone could help me with this.

Hey! try restarting UBT or your computer and logging in as administrator again and trying again.

Hi. I am the administrator. I also running the tool via Run as Administrator option

try changing the cable, you can also supply power to the board, try another usb port as well.
Please attach a screenshot.

Strangely this happens with only the latest build. I was able to flash the previous firmware without any problems… Will try the steps you mentioned as well.

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