Enabling the fan for KKSB VIM4 desktop case?

So… I just mounted the VIM4 in the case with the m2x board without issue (I did remove the wifi antennas as there was no place to mount them and I’m using hard-wired Ethernet anyway.

But… the fan has 3 wires and I followed the instructions for Linux (link here), the instructions are no good for making changes in Linux to turn the fan on… Anyone go through this yet? If not I’ll reach out to the company that made it…


@ps23Rick that document seems to be made for the Edge device, are you sure that is the right document ?

Yes… All was fine and VIM centric til the software part… Even though it claims to be for Ubuntu the file they reference does not exist and obviously the lines they suggest are not present… I’ll probably have to reach out to them — or put the original VIM active cooler back in place as the case seems big enough to handle that from my recollection. Their supplied cooler (meant for a RASP Pi) is way taller than the factory Khadas active cooling setup.

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I’m not sure you need to bother to enable the fan. The cooler is huge and the whole case also acts as a passive heatsink as it is all thermally connected. Try running it without the fan and monitor the temperature ( cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp ) to see how it gets on.

Thanks @steely-glint … I booted it up about 10 minutes ago and I’m not doing anything on it right now. The temps are around 54-55C right now…

I’ll let it run over the weekend and see how it deals long term temps.