Enable WOL on mind?

Hello can you give me the procedure to activate the WOL function on Mudi. I enabled the option on device manager and bios but it doesn’t work.


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I tried myself:
I want to have the Khadas Mind in a different room, but use it via RDP.
I enabled WOL in the BIOS and as well in the Device Manager

But it still does not do WOL.
Touching the Khadas Mind Dock Button, will do the Hibernate, not Sleep on RAM (S3),
but sure i can do the sleep myself in the Start Menu

I want WOL function too.
Since default LAN card drive is very out of date and options are simple,
I installed new driver download from Realtek site.
However, WOL still don’t work yet.

Any new idea?

Regarding your feedback on this issue, our engineers have thoroughly investigated the situation. Unfortunately, the Wake-on-LAN (WOL) functionality is not supported on our Mind2023 and Dock2023 without the use of third-party wired network cards, such as USB network cards.

After extensive testing by our development team, it has been determined that WOL can be achieved when using a third-party wired network card while the Mind2023 is in Sleep mode and connected to the main unit.

If you require full functionality for WOL wake-up, we recommend utilizing Woke on Wlan to accomplish this.

Thank you very much for your continuous support of the Khadas brand.