Enable WOL at build


There is a way to enable WakeOnLan and WOL-Force-Feset feature at build time ?


Hi @tmartet , you can try with this HowToUseWol.Thanks,

Hi @Frank, i have tried this, it works fine but we use vim for professional use and it’s taking too long time to go toU-boot for enabling WOL on each board.
So this is why i want to enable WOL at build time.
There is a solution on U-boot source code or at android runtime to activate WOL ?

Build a simple script (aml_autoscript) to enable WoL , write it to external media and run it automatically when VIM2 is enabled.


@balbes150 Do you have documentation or example for writing this script ? Thanks,

Create a text with this line

kbi trigger wol w 1

And build an executable script from it

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Thanks, i try this !

You need two lines, the last one will reboot after the first one. Or, instead of rebooting, you can use the shutdown command.

Hi, the script works fine on external media ! Now I want to know if there is a way to integrate the script tobuild and run it at first boot ?