Enable I2C-0 on Edge V

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Khadas eMMC image

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I would like to disable SPI3 and enable i2c0 (pins 22 and 23), but I do not see an i2c0 overlay option in /boot/env.txt.

How can I enable I2C0 on the Edge V?



Pull the latest code and compile it.

$ git clone https://github.com/khadas/khadas-linux-kernel-dt-overlays.git
$ cd khadas-linux-kernel-dt-overlays
$ sudo ./build

Obtain the i2c0.dtbo file and place it in the corresponding directory according to the document.

$ cd bin/edge-v/4.4/
$ ls
0001-save.patch  i2c0.dtbo  i2c2.dtbo  i2s0.dtbo  onewire.dtbo  spi3.dtbo


  • Now you can configure i2c0 and use it

Apologies for the delay - but this solution worked perfectly, thank you.