Enable/disable mouse mode

I noticed that the Khadas remote has a “mouse mode” toggle button. Based on my understanding, mouse mode is not something supported by Android by default. Is there a way to enable/disable mouse mode programmatically?

I tried this piece of code to simulate various button on the dpad, but can’t find the right key value for mouse toggle.

Instrumentation instrumentation = new Instrumentation(); instrumentation.sendKeyDownUpSync(key);

Hi, Pan:
Following are the keycode and keyvalue mapout, which locate at device/khadas/kvim/files/remote.conf:

                0x14 116
                0x13 139
                0x03 103
                0x02 108
                0x0e 105
                0x1a 106
                0x07 232
                0x58 114
                0x5c 63
                0x0b 115
                0x01 158
                0x48 102

0x5c is for mouse button.

Regarding your question, i’m not quite understand what do you mean of:

Kindly explain with more information.


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I don’t understand, seems like 0x5c maps to KEYCODE_PAGE_UP

I need to enable and disable mouse mode (the mode where you can see the mouse pointer) via the apk (app) level during runtime. I can’t tell the users to modify the remote.conf file.

the 0x5c is the keyvalue read from linux, and the corresponding keycode for Android is 63

Regarding the instructions to enable/disable mouse mode, @Terry will reply you with the details. (It’s night here in Shenzhen China at the moment, you might should wait a few hours)

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The IR already can enable/disable the mouse mode .
Can you tell me why need to enable/disable the mouse mode via app ?

Hi there,

as i am using Libreelec i dont need the enable/disable mouse mode. Is it possible to deactivate this function, so i can use the key for another function within Libreelec?

Yes, can be remap any keycode/function by modifying the source code, and also can be work as 2nd mode:

  1. 1st mode: all buttons as normal key-codes/functions
  2. 2nd mode: all buttons as secondary key codes/functions

Can you explain what i have to do for that?