EMUELEC 3.6 image update?

Hello, I’ve seen 3.2 version available but can I request a new build with latest 3.6 release or have instruction how can I update it myself?

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@xmesaj2 you can follow this to build your own Emuelec image, read the instruction properly :slightly_smiling_face:

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it might be easier to ask Hyphop to update the Krescue image

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Yes, that too, but if urgent one could try to build themselves :slight_smile:, and Hint it to Hyphop to take a look at it.

@xmesaj2 We support the lastest coreELEC. But we don’t have support EMUELEC . So If you want to use it , maybe you need to adapt it by yourself .

@Vladimir.v.v @Electr1 Even if we use krescure, we still need a certain amount of time to adapt. This is not a simple compilation.


@Frank I asked because there is an image for EmuELEC krescue

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Yes, I understood you perfectly and suggested, mate!

@xmesaj2 Can you tell me where do you get the EmuELEC image ?

@Frank, I saw that you can use a tool to make emuelec image, by yourself,

@Electr1 Thanks , but I want to know where is the EmuELEC krescue image .

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@Frank it is here,

yes, guys are right, for vim1, vim2 Lakka, for vim3, vim3L Emuelec using Krescue
It seems so

They are all just ROMs, optimized for game emulation, they all are made to have fun :smile:

I spent some time creating a image for v4.3


tnx i will check it later - and try to update our images too

at this moment we have v3.2 for VIM3 VIM3L

emuelec works from official image just need to update which dtb to load

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