EMI measurement of VIM3

Hi Khadas,

Is there any electromagnetic measurement of VIM3 available ?

For the context we have Khadas VIM3 installed in a box. And we need to add a GPS antenna into the box too. For now with VIM3 and Ubunty boot up there is no problem of getting GPS signal. However when I execute my software that do image processing (with npu) from a usb camera, the GPS signal’s strength reduces significantly.

So if there is any document related to this topic is available it would be greate.

Thank you very much

Hello @ptphucbk,
Perhaps you can find the Info you require from the FCC regulatory issue for the VIM3 ?

Khadas VIM3 FCC certification

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Hi, I think someone from Khadas team will be able to provide you with all the documentation you need

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